Light on the Landscape

2016 Exhibition

Paul Evans seems to effortlessly capture the light on the landscape throughout the Seasons.

Springtime woodlands depicting vast swathes of bluebells, transformed from the ordinary into the extraordinary by that one pool of sunlight he has captured escaping through the bright green foliage springing from the trees.

Summer scenes from the coast - the sparkle of light on the sea, the soft Summer sunshine on the beach, the smell faint smell of salt in the air.

The Autumn light on the harvest landscape, the light catching the stubble on the freshly-cut fields, the bales standing like soldiers in a row. The vividly coloured sunsets - slashes of paint in shocking oranges, beetroot reds and hazy blues dissecting the evening skies.

In Winter, the fresh falls of snow envelope the landscape - creating new soft edges, accentuated shapes and bringing a bright-white brilliance to old familiar scenes. Slate blue winter skies, heavy with the promise of yet more snow, accentuate the bright light bouncing off the snow filled fields and margins. The creeping grey shadows from the now bare trees, distorted by the drifts and the furrows or the single set of tracks left by the farm vehicles.

Paul is driven by his art. It is his passion and it is all consuming. He 'has' to paint - it is not a choice that he has deliberately or consciously made - it is in his being. It was a path he was meant to take. He wakes at the crack of dawn to walk the Suffolk fields to catch the morning light on the landscape. He re-visits favourite locations throughout the year, experiencing every season, with it's own light and shadows.

It is this passion, this love of the seasons, the landscape and of the nature it contains - a lifetime of learning, of understanding, of being 'in' the landscape and appreciating how it works, lives and breathes that makes his body of work such a remarkable and unique achievement.

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