My Corner of the Field

2017 Exhibition

On a beautiful summer's day, I set off to meet Suffolk artist Paul Evans. As my car weaves its way along narrow lanes and through quaint villages, I admire the stunning countryside. I see fields of pure gold with the odd blood-red poppy standing proud, bound in place by hedgerows bursting with bird and insect life. Teazles are in abundance along the roadside and at intervals I pass ancient majestic oaks. Reflecting on this, I realise I'm driving through a Paul Evans landscape. Later when we talk, Paul confirms this thought. When collectors have revisited Paul's gallery in Lavenham, they have often mentioned to him they seem more visually aware of the countryside when out walking and say, "That really looks like a Paul Evans painting!"

I've known Paul as a friend for 8 years and as a print-maker and ceramicist myself, I've long been inspired by his work. So, when I arrive in the charming village of Lavenham and park outside Paul's gallery, I am determined to find out what moves this impressive artist to get up every day, wind, rain or snow, to paint for up to 13 hours at a stretch. This way of life is 45 years in the making.

Paul is worlds away from your stereotypical angst-ridden artist. Warm and down to earth, he is full of energy and young at heart. He has bags of enthusiasm and has detailed knowledge about nature. He's very keen to talk about the natural world and his art. It's a joy for me to discover what makes him tick. During the interview, I'm struck by Paul's openness. His passion for doing what he loves shines out and as I listen to him, I'm swept up by his energy. I'm sure many of us would love to join Paul in his ‘corner of the field' to experience and share his creative wonder at our beautiful English countryside. I hope these questions and answers go some way towards passing on Paul's infectious love of art and the natural world to you.

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